Speech Expert Analyses My Voice *10 Years ago to Now*

Avaldati 3 aug 2020
Vaatamised 4 239 526

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  • jokerDoRuK


    21 tund tagasi


  • Jen Ranson

    Jen Ranson

    Päev tagasi

    Speaker dude: Lamborgenies
    Me: "DIES OF LAUGHTER" You mean lamborghini

  • Gapanredi


    Päev tagasi

    after the video, now i notice whenever pewds shoulder shrugs and does the laugh and uses imaginary props

  • Daniel Tobias

    Daniel Tobias

    2 päeva tagasi

    PewDiePie: spits on himself
    Public speaking guy: “Write that down, write that down!”

  • Paige Crowley Jones

    Paige Crowley Jones

    3 päeva tagasi

    legendary skill unlocked: THE DOUBLE SHOULDER SHRUG

  • Paige Crowley Jones

    Paige Crowley Jones

    3 päeva tagasi

    “How’s it going bro’s, my name is-“
    Now to others, this may sound like a thump
    But to us civilised folk with the big brain knowledge the tambourine does in fact speak volumes.

  • Sidharth 0075

    Sidharth 0075

    5 päeva tagasi

    Public speaker man lol😂

  • shiftyVnice


    6 päeva tagasi

    pewds: *breathes*

    expert: *h e i s g o d*

  • Ian Lleno

    Ian Lleno

    6 päeva tagasi

    Pewds: *breathes
    Some kind of expert: "DID YOU NOTICE THAT!? Did you see that oxygen coming in his mouth? he's so genius he even calculated it"

  • Isaiah Fuller

    Isaiah Fuller

    7 päeva tagasi

    This vid came out on my b-day.

  • Mavmallow


    7 päeva tagasi

    Can we thank WONDERFUL David JP Phillips for analyzing in nice way and Pewds for being Pewds xD

  • Gabriel Salcedo

    Gabriel Salcedo

    9 päeva tagasi

    An we appreciate at 1:01 Sive edited the tambourine in the mirror as well

  • ApplePie


    10 päeva tagasi

    Imagine Felix's highschool bullies sees him now

  • LillyDilly


    12 päeva tagasi

    Sive is so cute and funny the way he edits lmao

  • Jeez Leo

    Jeez Leo

    13 päeva tagasi

    Luis Hoffmann

  • Saanvi Khanduri

    Saanvi Khanduri

    13 päeva tagasi

    1:10 I come back to this vid just to watch this particular clip on loop it's so cute lol

  • PeppermintSky


    15 päeva tagasi

    Watching pewdie gets all shy but happy, is like watching a kid who gets hyped up by a supportive adult

  • William Smith

    William Smith

    16 päeva tagasi

    New title - two Swedish men hype each other

  • christina shaw

    christina shaw

    18 päeva tagasi

    and next the hand shake



    18 päeva tagasi

    PewDiePie changed the title of the video.

  • Nurul Amin

    Nurul Amin

    18 päeva tagasi

    This guy: explains what he does intentionally and unintentionally
    Love guru: *TheY ARe So So sO cUtE OmG ThEIR A CutE CoUPLe

  • Carson Scott

    Carson Scott

    19 päeva tagasi

    10 years old is as old as logan pauls fan base

  • Dennis Murphy

    Dennis Murphy

    19 päeva tagasi

    Epic intro

  • Mast Adami

    Mast Adami

    19 päeva tagasi

    He so tryhard to do analyze him but I was laughing while he did the most stupid thing

  • Wisepatrolpeace


    20 päeva tagasi

    Pewdiepie: farts
    David: Hes establishing *dominance*

  • J_ Ivory

    J_ Ivory

    21 päev tagasi

    David: Did U seE tHaT?
    Pewds: WHAT DID I DO NOW!!???

  • Jade Woods

    Jade Woods

    22 päeva tagasi

    Felix’s camera is just bad enough that it makes him look good lol

  • Nanang Wahyu

    Nanang Wahyu

    23 päeva tagasi

    Nice im From Indonesian

  • Gab


    27 päeva tagasi

    PewDiePie from 2010 looks like a low budget Justin Bieber

  • honeybat


    28 päeva tagasi

    Thanks for the serotonin

  • Jacob Cabrera

    Jacob Cabrera

    28 päeva tagasi

    Can someone tell me the title of the second (most current) video the speaker was reviewing? thanks

  • 12 8 3

    12 8 3

    28 päeva tagasi

    3:50 it's pedophileee~~~

  • Joshcross 09

    Joshcross 09

    28 päeva tagasi

    He has the same laugh still

  • Badon Jahanam

    Badon Jahanam

    28 päeva tagasi

    The tambourine reflection extends as well.. Marvel is so good when about this little detail

  • SeBestian


    29 päeva tagasi

    If pewds' a beta, who needs to be an alpha!

  • JustSomeRando


    Місяць tagasi

    This entire video was:
    "Did you see that?!"
    "What did i do now"

  • L Ick

    L Ick

    Місяць tagasi

    The towel is missing wtf 😂

  • Drago Don

    Drago Don

    Місяць tagasi

    9:24 my favorite part lol

  • Gamingkid1801


    Місяць tagasi

    Felix you have been making me laugh for at least 5 years. Your channel is great

  • Sparoutz


    Місяць tagasi

    When he talks about the towel. I was like, chalk board, it's for the chalkboard.
    Towel eraser op

  • אביב איזיאייב

    אביב איזיאייב

    Місяць tagasi

    Great video for pewdiepie ego

  • Kai Albion

    Kai Albion

    Місяць tagasi

    now if someone can teach Felix how to hand shake

  • Skayda Lee

    Skayda Lee

    Місяць tagasi

    The towel is a reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. You always need your towel. It's answered sort of in the reaction video to this video where you see Clipart of a spaceship with the number 42 whe he says "You always need one of these with you."

  • Siddhartha Kc

    Siddhartha Kc

    Місяць tagasi

    coach : this is the symbol of marvellousvictorypartysulpricacidicrecreamwhichresultgreat war

  • Rachie Zyan

    Rachie Zyan

    Місяць tagasi

    Does anyone else get shaggy from scooby doo vibes from 1st vid pewdipie

  • Syrus


    Місяць tagasi

    I wonder what PewDiePie would be like if he didn't make YouTube videos

  • Malavigan


    Місяць tagasi


  • Alyannah Hapis

    Alyannah Hapis

    Місяць tagasi

    I enjoyed this video more than I should have.

  • Willy Wonkas Favorite Oompa Loompa

    Willy Wonkas Favorite Oompa Loompa

    Місяць tagasi


  • Olivia Sanders

    Olivia Sanders

    Місяць tagasi

    this man sounds so educated and excited about what he's talking about I love it!

  • t r i s h a

    t r i s h a

    Місяць tagasi

    Stefano on the shelf: 🗿

  • Th3 Madst3r

    Th3 Madst3r

    Місяць tagasi


  • awuuwa


    Місяць tagasi

    I have heard that papa frank is the actual king of the internet...

    • Aine Doyle

      Aine Doyle

      Місяць tagasi

      @AnonymousCat idk

    • AnonymousCat


      Місяць tagasi

      who the heck is "papa frank"?

  • AdillaAzelly


    Місяць tagasi

    1:59 i thought i got a WhatsApp message LMFAO

  • Gesart Hoxha

    Gesart Hoxha

    Місяць tagasi

    He displayed the same to his reaction video

  • halodude723


    Місяць tagasi

    Pewds is our seratonin dealer

  • halodude723


    Місяць tagasi

    I wanna hear Felix do the "Peeewwdieepie" now because he hasnt done it in a HOT MINUTE

  • Fatema Tabassum

    Fatema Tabassum

    Місяць tagasi


  • retin azer

    retin azer

    Місяць tagasi

    "its because im a beta i cant help it"
    "dont kill me im stupid i cant help iT'

  • mr green

    mr green

    Місяць tagasi

    Nice intro new war pew dies vs t series

  • kat


    Місяць tagasi

    the way poods be cringing at himself....... same HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Sceptaei


    Місяць tagasi

    • Gayathri J

      Gayathri J

      16 päeva tagasi

      that's deep

  • Demonboy048


    Місяць tagasi

    This was posted the day befor my birthday

  • CyclonicWings 29

    CyclonicWings 29

    Місяць tagasi

    Thanks largely to pewds he now has over 170 thousand subscribers!

  • totally tubular

    totally tubular

    Місяць tagasi

    so the socially awkward man is the actual public speaker

  • Emily Halfacree

    Emily Halfacree

    Місяць tagasi

    david gained like 177k followers probably from this vid lolol

  • Sapux


    Місяць tagasi

    So hes just him for 10 years. My man.

  • Lord Grim

    Lord Grim

    Місяць tagasi


  • B O T S L A Y E R_ _ _999 Games

    B O T S L A Y E R_ _ _999 Games

    Місяць tagasi

    The towel is TOWLIE and the public speaker is STUART Kenny’s dad from south park

  • Ledbileq


    Місяць tagasi

    Pewdiepie: Plays video for five seconds, then he pauses again, and again and again, like my guy stop

  • Sean frost

    Sean frost

    Місяць tagasi

    Someone with reddit! PAUSE THIS EXACTLY AT 7:56 and make a meme format bc holy shit that's amazing. give props to meeee

  • Mixery Milian

    Mixery Milian

    Місяць tagasi

    pewdiepie is my ecstasy

  • JoostArchives


    Місяць tagasi

    This guy would break any public speaker

  • Godhawke


    Місяць tagasi

    t a m b o r i n e

  • Silent Soliloquist

    Silent Soliloquist

    Місяць tagasi

    Didn't know Skallagrim doubled as a public speaking analyst in his spare time, gotta pay the bills I guess

  • Owen Bottenfield

    Owen Bottenfield

    Місяць tagasi

    who else actually pressed subscribe on the intro?

  • KeepSheep


    Місяць tagasi

    Sean : Im not the impostor
    Pewds : LIAR VOICE
    sean : * does the doubble shoulder *
    Pewds : ok nevermind

  • Mr. Original

    Mr. Original

    Місяць tagasi

    Bringing in the Floor Gang voice just to properly express how much he cringes at his older videos. Cracks me up.



    Місяць tagasi

    It's interesting how you and Jack knew NOTHING about public speaking XD I mean in all seriousness I'm glad you had great feedback from this guy. :D

  • Rachel Bergstrom

    Rachel Bergstrom

    Місяць tagasi

    I got an ad for Pewds merch before the video. OMG LMAO.

  • God Father of Jesus

    God Father of Jesus

    Місяць tagasi

    I swear everyone should have seen pewdiepies

  • Karen Cook

    Karen Cook

    Місяць tagasi

    did anybody else get the pewdiepie phonecase ad? it confuses me should i skip or does it count as video?

  • Usui Takumi

    Usui Takumi

    Місяць tagasi

    I've always been a voice person, and pewds' voice is actually really nice to me!

  • DanE


    Місяць tagasi

    i got a pewdiepie ad on a pewdiepie video

  • Ethan White

    Ethan White

    Місяць tagasi

    When I got into this video a pewdiepie phone case add started playing
    Me: what wh at is is this magic

  • aidan victoria henderson

    aidan victoria henderson

    Місяць tagasi

    When you’re watching pewdipie and get interrupted by an ad just to see pewdipie... in an ad.

  • Jane Doe

    Jane Doe

    Місяць tagasi

    Sure, it has nothing to do with him being prti prti boi, has to be the invisible pipe :D

  • Heros5k


    Місяць tagasi

    1:59 I got Jebaited.

  • *kas :*

    *kas :*

    Місяць tagasi

    double shoulder shrug: * exists *
    felix: im about to do whats called a pro gamer move

  • DarkestRefrain


    Місяць tagasi

    Genius Pewds from 10 years ago~

  • queen yes

    queen yes

    Місяць tagasi

    So who is here after watching pewdiepie of kerala? ..... ARJYOU😎❤️

  • Abhiram .M.Sudheer

    Abhiram .M.Sudheer

    Місяць tagasi

    I absolutely love the superhot style intro

  • greasycheese24 the III

    greasycheese24 the III

    Місяць tagasi

    This should be turned into a series called "Pewdiepie reacts to people judging him"

  • SKy's World

    SKy's World

    Місяць tagasi

    He did the pre-laugh at the end

  • Liam Fast

    Liam Fast

    2 місяці tagasi

    I had to watch this speech dude's ted talk for a high school speaking class

  • Lupita Sais

    Lupita Sais

    2 місяці tagasi

    Que pedo

  • Alyssa Wellnitz

    Alyssa Wellnitz

    2 місяці tagasi

    DAMN that’s mans is built different

  • Aiden P

    Aiden P

    2 місяці tagasi

    Great video.

  • Kaitlin Hanson

    Kaitlin Hanson

    2 місяці tagasi

    Stefano where are you there you are Mr char

  • Blanks account

    Blanks account

    2 місяці tagasi

    did anyone else get confused by the pewdiepie dbrand ad in the beginning?