She Showers With Her MOM?!

Avaldati 20 nov 2020
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  • Sierra Mathes

    Sierra Mathes

    Tund tagasi

    I have been waiting for commentary channels to get on this and I am so geeked pews and ken never disappoint

  • Jonas Kirsis

    Jonas Kirsis

    Tund tagasi

    Where is the graph? I can't look at it.

  • Liam Just

    Liam Just

    Tund tagasi

    "dependent on their own" - Pewds

  • I love Pewdiepie

    I love Pewdiepie

    Tund tagasi

    Losing ur mom is already hard asf but imagine if these girls lost their mom 😳

  • lego build

    lego build

    2 tundi tagasi




    3 tundi tagasi

    What is that skin tone: br br br bruh
    Nah it’s br br br *BROWN*

  • KrankyKat _

    KrankyKat _

    3 tundi tagasi

    It’s weird

  • The Chuckness

    The Chuckness

    3 tundi tagasi

    Do critic I Love A Mama's Boy. It's like sMothered but this time sons are involved.

  • trash


    3 tundi tagasi

    Wait you have a moustache now?

  • Rene


    4 tundi tagasi

    I have no dad this is impossible

  • Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne

    4 tundi tagasi

    nice keycaps, where can i find that?

  • Ethan Kilmer

    Ethan Kilmer

    4 tundi tagasi

    Everyone thinking cocomellon is a threat. Look at the 5 minute crafts YouTube channel. Their making 100m views like it’s nothing

  • Linh Nguyen si

    Linh Nguyen si

    5 tundi tagasi

    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

  • BigBoi 69

    BigBoi 69

    5 tundi tagasi

    Please let me have a boy

  • Joni Halenius

    Joni Halenius

    5 tundi tagasi

    While I watch this I understand that us finnish people shower and sauna with our parents.

  • Raspberry Cookie ;-;

    Raspberry Cookie ;-;

    5 tundi tagasi

    If the mom allows the daughter to shower with her what kind of childhood do you think the mother has gone through ?

  • No Body

    No Body

    5 tundi tagasi

    Dude if i just huged my mom my dad would kill me

  • Get NaeNaed

    Get NaeNaed

    6 tundi tagasi

    Bruh it's so fuckin staged

  • Sydney Stevens

    Sydney Stevens

    6 tundi tagasi

    The thing about the last mom and daughter is that it could be just a sweet wholesome relationship, but I get this feeling that the mom didn't have any friends when her daughter was growing up, and so she'd project that onto her daughter by taking her out of school. Like, if it happened infrequently, that would be one thing, but the vibes I got was it was a constant thing. Especially since it was instigated by the mother (e.g. "Wanna play hooky?") and not the reverse. And her daughter was brought up that way not knowing any different. Being friends or even best friends with your daughter is fine, but being a mom comes first and foremost. Idk. There's a reason why you watch that and come away feeling weirded out rather than thinking it's wholesome.

  • Allan Henriques

    Allan Henriques

    6 tundi tagasi

    this is like the lesbian version of the Electra complex. It really sucks that they consented to having this part of their life filmed, the husband is probably so humiliated. Imagine what her family thinks

  • Business Plan

    Business Plan

    7 tundi tagasi

    Hello everyone 😃 a great forex/crypto trading opportunity who is it here ? 😁 Serious work those who are not interested go your way 😊 You just have to be at least 18 years old. My Facebook account: Laurie Dunez (with my profile picture), see you soon 🙃

  • Tanya Degurechaff

    Tanya Degurechaff

    7 tundi tagasi

    I love the intro

  • bloscar


    7 tundi tagasi

    Shout out#9

  • Greninja16 The Chill God

    Greninja16 The Chill God

    8 tundi tagasi

    Pewds is a southern dad

  • Brie Garrett

    Brie Garrett

    8 tundi tagasi

    Theres nothing wrong with showering with your mother.

  • 司法一路


    8 tundi tagasi

    This year is so weird man...

  • Onesuper santi

    Onesuper santi

    8 tundi tagasi

    Don’t drop the soap

  • Louis Maximilian Müller

    Louis Maximilian Müller

    8 tundi tagasi

    0:00 Best Intro

  • Mae Robinson

    Mae Robinson

    8 tundi tagasi

    Here's the birth of ✨ _expectations_ ✨

  • Moody Chan

    Moody Chan

    9 tundi tagasi

    Maybe Kakyoin would like showering with moms 😳😳

  • Rozz Huntington

    Rozz Huntington

    9 tundi tagasi

    Weirdest flex ever Felix "I didnt know to use soap until I was 14" 😂😂😂

  • KLRGopher


    10 tundi tagasi


  • m a y a

    m a y a

    10 tundi tagasi

    I feel dirty right now..🤧

  • Vinegar


    10 tundi tagasi

    i showered with my sister up til i was like 10 and bathed with my mom until 6 maybe, i miss those days because my mom passed away and my sister moved out, i’ll admit we were too close and both of those things took a toll on me later on

  • cudies canar

    cudies canar

    11 tundi tagasi

    What if when PewDiePie shaved his mustache and remain a square in a middle

  • xoxotsuki


    11 tundi tagasi

    they're on some bates motel shid

  • Radu Coroi

    Radu Coroi

    12 tundi tagasi

    I came for the stache

  • Joy🌙


    12 tundi tagasi




    13 tundi tagasi

    Русские есть?)

  • Madelen Aunevik

    Madelen Aunevik

    13 tundi tagasi

    Felix, when it’s “cringe time” and you look at cringe stuff, why don’t you just look at yourself?

  • Dad


    14 tundi tagasi

    Looking at the thumbnail made me lose my appetite.

  • MapleGang42.


    15 tundi tagasi

    I feel very uncomfortable this is so cringy

  • a a

    a a

    17 tundi tagasi

    Did she put Jesus before her kids? Tf

  • Bad Request

    Bad Request

    19 tundi tagasi

    What is that skin shade?
    Pumpkin spice latte

  • Vats P

    Vats P

    19 tundi tagasi

    weird weird weird

  • Aston


    20 tundi tagasi

    So dont some other cultures do this, like showing or bathing with a friend or something? Like japan?

  • Deep Senpai

    Deep Senpai

    20 tundi tagasi

    so America is also a developing country, just people are developing backward.

  • Roland Jones

    Roland Jones

    21 tund tagasi

    I get kicked out of my house at 18 years old

  • Landon Smith

    Landon Smith

    21 tund tagasi

    When I was like three years old, I had to shower with my parents cause I would probably accidentally drown myself otherwise, but c'mon.

    • Landon Smith

      Landon Smith

      10 tundi tagasi

      @Josefa Riquelme Jokes on you, I'm extremely incompetent so I probably would've drowned myself.

    • Josefa Riquelme

      Josefa Riquelme

      10 tundi tagasi

      sorry to break it to you but 3 years old kids dont usually drown in a bathtub and also you don't really have to shower/bathe with your parents...they can help you shower or bathe you while standing outside the bathtub/shower. It also creeps me out when parents shower with kids past their baby stage. To me its the same as breastfeeding until the kid is 5 lol

  • Modou Faal

    Modou Faal

    21 tund tagasi

    14:00 who dat cake

  • zenpai


    22 tundi tagasi

    you dropped ur soap O_O

  • That girl from hell that kidnaps bad people.

    That girl from hell that kidnaps bad people.

    22 tundi tagasi

    Have you heard of the entire country of japan?

  • ludmila dana

    ludmila dana

    22 tundi tagasi

    1:48 the dog loves you.. just was scared of mary's makeup

  • Reddy Risery

    Reddy Risery

    23 tundi tagasi

    What's up with the mom having silicone Bewbs?

  • Mindeo


    23 tundi tagasi

    Pewdiepie looks like the dad from johnny johnny

  • PJM Minnie

    PJM Minnie

    23 tundi tagasi

    I was uncomfortable having my mom wash me when I was younger 😅 we showered together once and never even went into the bathroom together ever again. Not even to clean the bathroom or paint it..

  • Mxly


    Päev tagasi

    at least it’s not a dad and a son 😂

  • NKCGamer115


    Päev tagasi

    The first one defo insest 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Mejias Mcgarity

    Mejias Mcgarity

    Päev tagasi

    Frank is jealous because he doesn't get to shower with his wife.

  • paraboloid Dudley

    paraboloid Dudley

    Päev tagasi

    It’s basically incest. She got married and her daughter acted like she’s being cheated on

  • Jeffrey Ybanez

    Jeffrey Ybanez

    Päev tagasi

    Thumbnail reminded me of thoughty2

  • elias animas r

    elias animas r

    Päev tagasi

    Where i can get those yellow sunglasses? min 0:17

  • Princess Unicorn

    Princess Unicorn

    Päev tagasi

    This is weird but I like how pewdiepie describes everthing.

  • corpsy-Topic


    Päev tagasi

    ima piss rq be right back

  • Nikola Glasnovic

    Nikola Glasnovic

    Päev tagasi


  • First Name

    First Name

    Päev tagasi

    I coomed in the first 20 secs

  • Big Edgy Boi

    Big Edgy Boi

    Päev tagasi

    Girl showers with her mom
    5million people: interesting

  • Aztive


    Päev tagasi

    Remind me of bates motel

  • Karlota_Catracha013


    Päev tagasi

    what happens when that girl has a boyfriend and she leaves her mom... 😵😲 are they 3 gonna do the same thing?!?!??or what??? :^ im sooo curious about the future 🤯🤓😲

  • Nicole Castro

    Nicole Castro

    Päev tagasi

    i could’ve sworn he already reviewed this

  • Jim Lahey

    Jim Lahey

    Päev tagasi

    Isn't weird my girlfriend does this too.

  • Izzy Royce

    Izzy Royce

    Päev tagasi

    I had to stop the video when the liking mother came up

  • Geraldine Shaw

    Geraldine Shaw

    Päev tagasi

    "Have you ever showered with another person? It SUCKS"
    Marzia: T^T

  • Jakub Ciążkowski

    Jakub Ciążkowski

    Päev tagasi

    They are at least eco friendly. Y'all should be ashamed for wasting water.

  • abeer parvez

    abeer parvez

    Päev tagasi

    so no one's gonna talk about how one of the moms said "im 68 years young" im-??????????

  • Handymanny90s Rozotto

    Handymanny90s Rozotto

    Päev tagasi

    Second comment, the last smothered couple...the dads all of America.

  • Handymanny90s Rozotto

    Handymanny90s Rozotto

    Päev tagasi

    How I wish....that we could see the camera crew’s faces. “That’s felt good huh?” 😟

  • Yusur Kassem

    Yusur Kassem

    Päev tagasi

    These people have MAJOR attachment issues

  • Yusur Kassem

    Yusur Kassem

    Päev tagasi

    Why does that mustache frustrate me so much lol

  • TR4G1C Fr0st

    TR4G1C Fr0st

    Päev tagasi

    4:23 they even blink together lol.

  • Ashley Adriana

    Ashley Adriana

    Päev tagasi

    Never have I ever been this uncomfortable in my entire life 🥲

  • Think Science

    Think Science

    Päev tagasi

    "I have my daughter as best friend because I don't trust anybody else".
    Just imagine showering with your Dad lol

  • Chase2Bass


    Päev tagasi

    You parentbath-gang or parentShower-gang.... ParentShowergang AWOO😂

  • drno0o7


    Päev tagasi

    God these people are delusional, holy f..

  • Meagan


    Päev tagasi

    31 years old?

  • Lior Sklarski

    Lior Sklarski

    Päev tagasi

    With this mustache pewdiepie looks like a fake italian

  • Taranpreet Sahni

    Taranpreet Sahni

    Päev tagasi

    I watched something similar to it on another site. It was more than showering and licking though.

  • • eclipse •

    • eclipse •

    Päev tagasi

    she showers with her mom is forever in my history

  • Serina


    Päev tagasi

    Maya :D

  • Jayvee Guinto

    Jayvee Guinto

    Päev tagasi

    Hi there Karl Rock, How was your life in India?.

  • GameKing 666

    GameKing 666

    Päev tagasi

    I watched it with headphones, I still got chills from that licking part

  • LuMarIza


    Päev tagasi

    you should come to Romania to see people not having baths and washing themselves in a basin with the same water, sleeping with their parents/grandparents. Washing themselves in the same room with their family.... it's sad. I've gone through this kind of stuff

  • kast


    Päev tagasi

    Saw death😭
    Liked-life 10 years ❤

  • Narmeen Mousa

    Narmeen Mousa

    Päev tagasi


  • SmokeyJoe


    Päev tagasi

    what is ze song in ze intro scheisse

  • Aηυвнαв Mαηdαl

    Aηυвнαв Mαηdαl

    Päev tagasi

    i thot pornhub was i dont XD

  • Afron Ferizi

    Afron Ferizi

    Päev tagasi

    My man the man who records the video showering 🧼 is Jonny Sins 📷📷📷📷📷📷Camera-Man

  • Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker

    Päev tagasi

    Petition for Felix to shower wtih his dad!



    Päev tagasi

    سیبیلاتو عشقه😉😂

  • Kristoffer -

    Kristoffer -

    Päev tagasi

    Sweet home Alabama!