Instant Regret..

Avaldati 19 nov 2020
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Instant regret clicking on this video bros
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  • Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda

    2 tundi tagasi

    3:05 🚹

  • dandini0698


    2 tundi tagasi

    3:34 That literally happens to me all the fucking time! I'm so glad an athlete has the same fucking problem :D

  • Aimee Sproston

    Aimee Sproston

    3 tundi tagasi

    Hahaha I cracked up when I saw Shammi walking through the concrete! Loved Brandon too.

  • Su113Y


    3 tundi tagasi

    7:05 The best scene.

  • Drake


    3 tundi tagasi

    Just a random comment go on and continue with your lives

  • Marchiyo Simanjuntak

    Marchiyo Simanjuntak

    3 tundi tagasi

    I live how top comments on pewds vids are always YouTubers with 100k+ subs

  • Y0ung D0ug

    Y0ung D0ug

    4 tundi tagasi

    I lowkey feel honoured by him reacting to our Winnipeg jets



    4 tundi tagasi

    why is there half-life sfx lol

  • Terry Fulds

    Terry Fulds

    5 tundi tagasi

    "you open it under water" well where the hell were you when I needed that info?!?!?!



    5 tundi tagasi


  • Felipe Vergara

    Felipe Vergara

    5 tundi tagasi

    Wait pewds is starting to look like dr disrespect

  • 『 Emerald Splash 』

    『 Emerald Splash 』

    5 tundi tagasi


  • MafiaGuy


    5 tundi tagasi

    The moustache is pogging

  • Spring hell Productions

    Spring hell Productions

    5 tundi tagasi

    Me at the end.... brandon... BRANDON FARRIS

  • Meme Arc

    Meme Arc

    5 tundi tagasi

    Guys: I felt a great disturbance in the force

  • Bethany bear

    Bethany bear

    5 tundi tagasi

    totally why fire safety is worth it , like omg

  • Speed Music

    Speed Music

    6 tundi tagasi

    can opener guys .such an innoceent face

  • Matthew Rance

    Matthew Rance

    6 tundi tagasi


  • Matthew Humes

    Matthew Humes

    7 tundi tagasi

    I felt it

  • grayson weber

    grayson weber

    7 tundi tagasi

    ned flanders

  • Eoin Heffernan

    Eoin Heffernan

    7 tundi tagasi

    Please, please, please do moree

  • cass w

    cass w

    7 tundi tagasi

    0:15 mmmmm okay *bridge scene*

  • God


    8 tundi tagasi


  • Jack Lyman

    Jack Lyman

    8 tundi tagasi

    1:58 similar thing happened to my dad when I was younger, he was watching car racing (is that how it's called?) and one guy who he didn't like was out of the race, so he jumped up and down from happiness till he got to the doorway of the living room. He was bleeding from the head but also hurt his leg really bad. He said it was very awkward explaining it to the hospital staff. We still laugh about the story!

  • Najaya Reed

    Najaya Reed

    9 tundi tagasi

    The kid exercising made me laugh so hard when he was falling down slowly!!!

  • Animatroix


    9 tundi tagasi

    i realized he's using a stick microphone

  • Melon Boi

    Melon Boi

    9 tundi tagasi

    The one in the art museum the woman didn't touch it tho

  • Cole Peffer

    Cole Peffer

    10 tundi tagasi

    pEWds your vids are the best some time when I’m sad I’ll watch your videos

  • luminous Nebula

    luminous Nebula

    10 tundi tagasi

    This is to dam funny

  • Dre Does stuff

    Dre Does stuff

    10 tundi tagasi

    I swear pewds is drunk every time he does these videos

  • bobby j poopdemard

    bobby j poopdemard

    11 tundi tagasi


  • Hello I'm a Person

    Hello I'm a Person

    11 tundi tagasi

    Howdy Neighborino

  • Ali Maisam

    Ali Maisam

    11 tundi tagasi

    The most funniest moment of this video

  • Antonia Conway

    Antonia Conway

    12 tundi tagasi

    Anyone think he looks like Flanders with the beard and glasses? 😂❤️:)



    12 tundi tagasi

    1:33 we’ve all done this at one point

  • Kaden_Playzz


    12 tundi tagasi


  • Trex man thing

    Trex man thing

    12 tundi tagasi

    are Half-Life sounds funny now?

  • LiquiD DiuqiL

    LiquiD DiuqiL

    13 tundi tagasi

    What happened to your hand Felix? You beat edgar?

  • RidelySS XD

    RidelySS XD

    13 tundi tagasi

    5:27 final destination much lol

  • unDeD


    13 tundi tagasi


  • Stefan Tomescu

    Stefan Tomescu

    13 tundi tagasi

    Sets first, thots later

  • avergeprism386


    13 tundi tagasi

    in my country that mouse is very expencive so im maybe buying another version of it im my country...

  • Ahneruuvi


    14 tundi tagasi

    Gotta love Half Life sound effects

  • Ya Nasty

    Ya Nasty

    14 tundi tagasi

    Wait why are you eating rotten fish in the first place?...

  • Linus Häggström

    Linus Häggström

    14 tundi tagasi

    sursströming is the worst thing ever

  • Rico Björkroth

    Rico Björkroth

    14 tundi tagasi

    I did something with instant regret yesterday night. In our school we have computers and i was not thinking and i have this thing called a pinsett and I stuck that thing in my computer like a dumbass like i am and the computer screen became green black you name it

  • Chef Rat

    Chef Rat

    14 tundi tagasi

    terrorists in Sweden using a can of fish as a weapon
    Modern problems require modern solutions

  • ImNotA TrapISwear

    ImNotA TrapISwear

    14 tundi tagasi

    doesn’t regret anything

    The bridge

  • aesthetic rex

    aesthetic rex

    14 tundi tagasi

    Pewds: I've never made a mistake in my life!
    Also Pewds: Literally this exact thing happened to me at age 18.

  • LEVIS SINgH • 7 years ago

    LEVIS SINgH • 7 years ago

    14 tundi tagasi

    Last time I saw you have 120-123 million subscribers and now🧐

  • nicotho


    14 tundi tagasi

    I love the use of Half Life sounds :D

  • Frederik Bom

    Frederik Bom

    15 tundi tagasi

    The guy in the video "What camp is this" is a Danish comedian/actor his name is Huxi Bach :'D

  • Allie A

    Allie A

    15 tundi tagasi

    I'm a girl and the table one made me cringe and close my legs LMFAO

  • Lex0n Fresh

    Lex0n Fresh

    15 tundi tagasi

    Pewdiepie looking at graph. 82% unsubbed. Me, being unrelevant
    "You have a chance to pass T-Series if people sub..."

  • Matías Calderón Andrade

    Matías Calderón Andrade

    15 tundi tagasi

    take cringe tuesdays back :c

  • CBO Plays!

    CBO Plays!

    15 tundi tagasi

    Pewds 2017: what a fucking n-

  • Blas Martinez

    Blas Martinez

    16 tundi tagasi

    7:29 That Rolex Submariner Tho Classy

  • simo


    16 tundi tagasi

    pewds saying monkey is the equivalent of mr. bean saying teddy

  • Avery


    16 tundi tagasi

    3:49 something similar happened at big lots once. Me and my mom where going to the back to get some food because we were already there and didn’t feel like going to save a lot, and 2 large shelves that were connected to the dry wall where they should NOT have been feel toward and paper towels and pretzel buckets when everywhere.



    16 tundi tagasi


  • The Mission

    The Mission

    17 tundi tagasi

    3:30 people who came here for Hassan Ali

  • Waffle Bomb

    Waffle Bomb

    17 tundi tagasi

    2:42 lmao you the music

  • Kqrsen fo BH

    Kqrsen fo BH

    18 tundi tagasi

    Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you , stay safe and have a wonderful day

  • Jack,plays Productions

    Jack,plays Productions

    18 tundi tagasi

    2:53 how can we forget about random chimp event?!?!?!

  • Martha Welch

    Martha Welch

    18 tundi tagasi

    Has 108m subs but most of the people who watch his vids still aren't subbed😅🤦‍♂️

  • Hulfe


    18 tundi tagasi

    LOL, I also got a scar right there, from when I was really young and I fell and hit my head on the corner of a table!

  • Mohamad Muhaimin

    Mohamad Muhaimin

    18 tundi tagasi


  • Music Tree

    Music Tree

    18 tundi tagasi

    my channel has best pop song list

  • lovi 100

    lovi 100

    19 tundi tagasi

    Bro i had seen a man do that in aistria i dont know if it was you

  • H2O_3mran


    19 tundi tagasi

    4:44 rip balls

  • The Isaksen Legend

    The Isaksen Legend

    19 tundi tagasi

    2:31 dat was Arnold Schwartzenegger

  • IceyFlamez


    19 tundi tagasi

    0:29 all hockey fans surprised hockey showed up in Pewd’s video

  • Sharp D25

    Sharp D25

    20 tundi tagasi

    Plz do more of these

  • Richard Lane

    Richard Lane

    21 tund tagasi

    Can’t believe he admitted that saying the n word is okay

  • Matlat Power

    Matlat Power

    21 tund tagasi

    pee pee go snip snip.

  • Ryan . Pog

    Ryan . Pog

    21 tund tagasi

    Ned Flanders needs a shave

  • fancy tv

    fancy tv

    21 tund tagasi

    Found Hassan Ali

  • Kiren Melissant

    Kiren Melissant

    21 tund tagasi

    Omg, king dooder made a PewDiePie vid😌✨

  • Slitherman


    21 tund tagasi

    Pewds: “I never made that mistake. You see there’s one thing I haven’t done”

  • Fahimeh Bagherirad

    Fahimeh Bagherirad

    21 tund tagasi

    Man that half life 1 and 2 sound effects are THE BEST AND EPIC

  • Hairy Man

    Hairy Man

    22 tundi tagasi

    19 year olds, if you ever encounter the hot oil fire scenario and there is no extinguisher or fire blanket, grab some tea towels or an apron, quickly wet them in the sink and then spread them out over the pot to completely smother the fire. Make sure you turn the gas or heat off the stove too. Good luck.

  • Clifford Bryan john Wilson

    Clifford Bryan john Wilson

    22 tundi tagasi

    Instant regret is the best

  • Ziggy The Hero

    Ziggy The Hero

    22 tundi tagasi

    didnt MxR plays go through this reddit?
    ive seen this video but i forgot

  • Srijan Gautam

    Srijan Gautam

    22 tundi tagasi

    pewds has started to look like henry cavil from fallout

  • shinigami


    23 tundi tagasi

    imagine felix kid watching cocomelon

  • Aleph Bot

    Aleph Bot

    23 tundi tagasi

    What the hell happened to pewds' fist? That scab is pretty large, mustve hurt



    23 tundi tagasi

    Hassan Ali 🤣🤣🤣



    Päev tagasi

    Dude that mustache makes u look like someone's grandpa

  • Blank Dragyn

    Blank Dragyn

    Päev tagasi

    Just want to thank sive for the sound effects

  • amethysthea


    Päev tagasi

    Very rough and sad day so thnk you for this pewds

  • Im4T89


    Päev tagasi

    ...why would you even eat rotten fish...?

  • M N

    M N

    Päev tagasi

    That lady walking into the glass... I know she's already proven herself to not be that clever, but why would you think people just piled their shoes in that location if it was open? You wouldn't leave your shoes in the door frame, for example. You would leave them right beside it.

  • Deathmetal Princess

    Deathmetal Princess

    Päev tagasi


  • Instagram-ийн супер Бүсгүйчүүд

    Instagram-ийн супер Бүсгүйчүүд

    Päev tagasi

    Hello, Welcome to my channel! Here is instagram beautiful girls photo slideshows! 💕😍, Subscribe and Share!

  • qixanity


    Päev tagasi

    Me in ikea after accidentally riding into the isle with my shopping cart 3:50

  • 16:9


    Päev tagasi

    One word after hearing first 25 seconds "Bridge"

  • Rhett Lewis

    Rhett Lewis

    Päev tagasi

    Pewdiepie: Ive never done anything wrong in my life
    Me: Thinks back to the bridge on pubg

  • Roland Sandoval

    Roland Sandoval

    Päev tagasi

    Pewdiepie - I have never done anything wrong in my entire life

    Me - chuckles in pubg bridge

  • GøøB


    Päev tagasi

    Watched this video when it had 3,666,666 views😂

  • YTheMon Pf

    YTheMon Pf

    Päev tagasi

    7:15 i just cant stop

    Laughing too much